Amy Amelia Arts: Unique Circus Entertainment


2020/21 and Covid-19


This year has seen an unprecedented time, in every country and every sector. As a performer the pandemic hit just as the Easter season was starting to kick into gear and bookings and enquiries for all kinds of events had been coming in.

Now as we try to navigate our way through this new normal we are, as a sector, exploring our options and taking heed of guidance and advice being given to us by the government. Organisations such as Equity, Outdoor Arts and the National Association of Street Artists have been working together to find ways of making events and performances as safe as possible for both artists and audience.



As a walkabout entertainer there are many pros to working at a socially distanced event:

-A visual act that does not need close interaction.

-Can talk to the audience from several meters away and insure social distancing measures are in place.

-Am fully mobile so can quickly move out of the way and also direct others to do so when needed and work to keep main walkways/desire lines and exits and entrances clear.

-Can move quickly to occupy emptier spaces.

-Can wear face coverings where needed and will not hinder the act- could also wear a branded mask if provided.

-Do not need audience participation

-No one else needs to handle props but the performer.

-Fully self sufficient.

-No help needed with moving equipment or setting up any performance space.

If you have any questions about how Amy Amelia Arts can work with you to provide socially distanced entertainment for your event, please do not hesitate to get in touch

“Not only is Amy Amelia professional, reliable and flexible, making her a joy to work with, she is also an extremely talented performer. Full of magic, warmth and charm, she mesmerises audiences with her performances, and it is a delight to see the expression on adults’ and children’s faces as they marvel at her skill. She is one of the best contact jugglers on the circuit….”

Are you looking for the unique, the memorable and a dusting of the

magical for your event? 

Then look no further! Amy Amelia is regarded as one of the top most performers in her field. Audiences and guests are constantly wowed and moved by her skill, beautiful costumes and professionalism, which takes her regularly both across the UK and the rest of the world….

Her stunning, hypnotic and highly specialised skill as a Contact Juggler means that your event will be one to remember and will make it stand out from the rest. 

Amy and her crystals never fail to captivate, amaze and thrill, leaving guests with a magical and memorable experience. 

 Scroll down for the types of events that are ideal for this special and rare type of circus style entertainment….

New Act!!

Bumblina: The Queen Bee


Bumblina is Queen of the Bees. From the land of the Fairies, she has sent all of her loyal bee subjects out across the land to collect pollen and bring life and food to the world. See her perform mesmerising tricks with her magical ball of pollen: her very own bee dance. Do you have a bee dance of your own to show her?







This spellbinding walkabout act is perfect for any Bee or Nature theme or flower and food events. Bringing the rare and skilful art of contact juggling to a wider audience, this act will be a memorable and unique addition to any event.








 Summer Favourites!!



 The Magical Butterfly


The Magical Butterfly

Madame Galleon


Storm shot of Madame Galleon

The Madame Galleon act is available to book now! Created to complement the multitude of Mermaids and Pirates out there, this spellbinding walkabout is perfect for any Tall Ship Festivals, sea, nautical, pirate, steam punk and fantasy themes. With her dress made out of sea scrolls, a soundtrack of crashing waves and a pirate galleon ship in her hair, see her control and manipulate orbs of water, or are they bubbles from the crashing waves?





Clouds Pic of Madame Galleon

Azure photo of Madame Galleon


Woodland Fairy


This cheeky little woodland fairy radiates sparkle and magic wherever she goes. Loved by children and adults alike, she brings an unusual and unique skill to your event with her crystal balls.

Audiences will be thrilled and amazed by watching her effortlessly roll the crystals around her hands and body, where they appear to magically float and move with a graceful mind of their own. To watch her is a truly memorable experience. 

Ideal for Fantasy, magical, woodland, Midsummer Night’s Dream, themed events, especially Weddings




Recent reviews:

“Amy was fantastic, her outfit was amazing and I know she engaged well with our guests. Would highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to book for future events. Pleasure to meet you Amy.” (Sally Huxham, Wrigley)

“Amy was amazing - her costume was stunning and it created a great visual impact for my event. The children particularly were enthralled with her act and she interacted brilliantly with my guests! Top marks.” (School Celebration, Hampshire)

Book Amy Amelia to perform for:

- Film and Television

- Cabarets

- Wedding entertainment

- Parties

- Themed events

- Private functions

- Corporate entertainment

- Promotional work

- University or College Balls

- Street Performance

- Festival Performance